Making Your Band For Hire

Making your band for hire is an excellent way to earn to begin with some useful pocket money or even a full time living depending on how popular you become with your clients. It is also great for bands that become bored or stale from just rehearsing all the time.

So how do you go about getting those gigs? Like any business or organisation you need to promote yourself. The internet is quite good at helping you achieve this. Start by using the search engines and type something into the search box like, ‘band for hire‘ and see what this yields.

Think to yourself who wants a band for hire? Examples include weddings, functions, birthdays, corporate events, pubs and clubs etc. Once you know who your target market is you must now establish how you are going to get your message across to them.

Most bands that are for hire normally have their own website or myspace (or similar) account so that people can see what sort of band you are and listen to any music you may have put up.

Unfortunately a lot of people and organisations do not have access to the internet or the time to access it so you may have to do some ringing around and be prepared to have some brochures or flyers with information on the band and a CD or DVD showing you performing some of your rock songs.

Have you also considered using an agent? They do take a percentage of your earning but it may be worth it if they bring your band in gigs.

Now that you are a band for hire have you considered whether you’re doing local gigs or ones further a field? Being willing to travel will give you more gigs and you may get more money?

The kind of gigs you do will also have an affect on what your band can expect to be paid. Local gigs in pubs will attract the smallest form of revenue but the upside is they provide a good opportunity for any band to test out new songs and are better in some respects than rehearsing as musicians like to play as much as possible.

Travelling further a field? All good bands for hire do this when the money offered is good. Generally speaking the money will be better and it will be playing to a bigger venue rather than a pub.